Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hi everyone!!

I have been a very busy boy since last time. I have now got a new hobby, it involves me being a hunting dog (sort of). These pesky whizzy things keep coming into my house. Mum calls them Pesky Flies, I call them lunch!!!

I was behaving myslef like a good boy when all of a sudden a whizzy thing came in and buzzed right past me. Of course I had to chase him, he was teasing me and everything!!!

But then.......CRASH!!!Mum got a bit annoyed cos the curtain fell down as I was trying to nab him. I didn't do it mum....it was the whizzy thing!!!

Hmm, what else have I been up to??

My best time is playing in the garden. Dad hasn't mown the grass yet so it's mega long!! I can run in and out of it all day and play hide and seek!! The only problem is all the Fuzzles. They are green things that jump on me when I'm exploring and then stick to me. Mum has to pull them out and they are well ouchy!!! I try to pretend to be sleeping (see photo), doesn't work mind you! Never mind!!

The worst thing though is I fell in the pond, AGAIN!! Man was that a stoopid thing to do, especally late at night when it's dark!! My daddy came to save me again, but I managed to get out by myself. Mum said I smelt Nasty, not too wrong there...bloomin fish!!! So I had to have another bath!!! Not impressed. I laid by the fire and sulked til I was dry enough to go to bed.

I had my hair cut off today!! Mum said the curls under my chin were too long so she took me to this lady's house and she scalped me!!! I'm almost completely bald!! I do feel much cooler now, but I'm not going to tell Mum that!!

See you all soon xxxxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I have been promoted!!

Mum got a phonecall from the doggy training class lady today. I have graduated from puppy class!! I get to stay up late and go to the next level!!! Mum is completely and utterly shocked, she has no idea how i managed it!!!

Dad is well proud! I got a extra big cuddle and everything. I even got away with licking his beer bottle (well he wasn't looking)!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Holiday and Hospital

Hmmmm, been busy this week. I was running in the garden and munched something I shouldn't. Boy was I ill the next day. My tail wouldn't wag or anything. Mum said I was schorchy hot and dad took me to the vet lady.

MAN!!!! Who knew they could take your temperature that way!!!

I had to stay overnight and have a drip and everything!! I was a Hot Dog apparently.

Felt loads better and vet lady was very nice. Then I stayed at nanny and grandads for a while cos mum went to holibob on a aeroplane.

But on wednesday I got taken back to my favourite play place, but not for doggy day care but to stay!!!! I packed up my monkey and off we went!!!

It was cooool!!! Running around all day and playing with other woofies.

I so did not want to come home!!

Doggy Day care

Hi guys,

I went on the most fantastic adventure the other day. Mum had this important thing to do with lots of papers and got really mad when I helped out and chewed stuff. So she took me in the car for a ride to this really nice place, big trees and birds to chase. This nice lady took me with her and mum went home. I got to run around all day and eat treats! Boy was I tired when I got home, but apparently it was a trial run,dunno what that is.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Near death experience number 2

This is a very important post. It carries grave words of warning to all other woofits.

There I was chomping on the last ikkle bit of my loverly chewy rawhide boney thing while watching TV with my mum when I swallowed it in shock at the Caeser Millan thingy! It was too big for my delicate throat and I started CHOKING!!

My whole short life flashed before my eyes (again) Daddy triend slapping my back, but it didn't work!! Mum saved me, she did this weird tummy squeezy thing and guess what...It came out!!!!

I didn't think it would happen again...but that Tv thing scared me and it happened again!!!

Daddy refused to let me have it back after that....despite my best ever sad eye face.

He put it in the bin.....my beloved chewy!!!!

No...wait.....I got a new one........Wooohoooooo

Chomp chomp chomp chomp

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Cross Mummy

Apparently I have been a very naughty dog this week. I didn't mean to be naughty, it just happened like that!!!

My friend Binky and I have been over the place for long running about games and have been having lots of fun. But when we got back, mummy went upstairs and let me go too!!!! I got to bounce on the bed and everything! But I forgot that I might need a wee and remembered right on mummy's clean duvet. Man can she shout!!

I got left in the hallkitchen while she sat on the sofa all comfy. I tried to say sorry and everything but I don't think the sad spaniel eye thing was working for me that well anymore! I did give her a nice cuddle when she let me back in tho.

Friday, 8 January 2010

6 Month survival

Hi everyone!

My name is Jasper and I'm an English Springer Spaniel. I am very old now, a whole 6 months and want to tell you about all the fun I'm getting into!!!

Since I came to live with my new Mum and Dad, life has been very interesting. I get to sleep in a little cave and get fed good treats just for sitting down!!! Haha they don't know I do it for the food and not cos they told me to!!

I go to school too!! This nice lady tries to tell my mum to get me to do stuff. It's pretty boring, especially when they want me to walk next to them. Don't they know there is more fun ahead and they walk too slow????

Dad came to my rescue yesterday. I was walking over the pond on this nice Jasper sized bridge when I saw this nice white grass to walk on. But I stood on it and it wasn't grass!!!! I was over my head in freezing cold, skanky green fishy water!!! I nearly drowned and everything!!! But my Dad came to my rescue!!! He dragged me out of the freezing fishy smelly water and gave me a big cuddle!!! It was very COLD!!! At least I got a nice hot shower, prime spot infront of the fire and treats afterward! Bet my friend Binky doesn't have this much danger and exciting times in the garden!!

Am off to bounce all over Daddy now as he looks bored working on his laptop all alone.........Here I come!!!!!